Business Divisions


  • Integration: Delivery of additional equipement from world leading suppliers
  • Machine Building: Own modern production plant
  • Engineering: Internationally based structure dedicated to the management of complex projects


  • mechanical surface preparation: pneumatic blastroom and wheelblast abrasive treatment,
  • washing and/or chemical surface treatment,
  • thermal spray application of metal and ceramic coatings,
  • application of organic coatings by spraying and drying of liquid paints or by powdering and curing of powder paints.



SciTeeX has provided turn-key engineering projects in the field of surface treatment for the last 10 years in more than 25 countries.

We have a successful track-record of sophisticated projects started from the initial idea through construction project, implementation to the commissioning of the project.



  Saint-Gobain ZirPro and SciTeeX introduce Cabilux® Ziblast®

Machine manufacturer SciTeex has recently introduced Cabilux® Ziblast®. This pneumatic blasting room is optimized to project and to recycle ZirPro Zirblast ceramic beads. Cabilux® Ziblast® provides outstanding…


  SciTeeX changes its location to the new healthy office.

As a top priority the Company has set provided their employees a modern and healthy workplace that promotes creativity and ensures well-being. The new office…


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